Sunday, December 30, 2007

2nd Place

Once again, I've been defeated in a Christmas lighting contest. Still winless. It's starting to get frustrating. Best decorated house for years, all the "contests" I've been in, second place every time.

-Apartments at Clemson - Wasn't sleeping with the RA so our building didn't win
-Apartments in Greenville - We weren't the "favorites", probably chewed out the building manager too many times or maybe they figured out I was the one that kept disconnecting the speakers at the poolhouse (that were always left on and loud) every day.
-No official contest in the neighbor this year, and then, it turned into an arms race. That's right, we've been one of the few that actually put anything out the last couple years. In fact, last year, less people than normal put stuff out. But this year, it was on. Neighbors who'd never put anything out suddenly got that Clark Griswald streak in them and went to town. I have to admit, we had some tough competition. I never thought that the competition was in the bag. By sheer number of lights, 1st place easily. By number of extension cords, 1st place. But a couple other houses were more "organized". Judges seem to like it more if all the lights are the same color or if there is a clear theme that is carried out. My theme is "Christmas" and we have gold lights, multi lights, double filament lights, etc.
Oh well, you can't win them all. I'll take the Cubs motto for now, there's always next year. We bought a few more things this year on sale (gotta love the Boxing Day sales). We'll take the loss and learn from it. We aren't going down without a fight.
Next year, we win.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

In this PC world, I'm not afraid to use the words "Merry" or "Christmas" on my blog.

Couple quick hits while I'm blogging:

-December has been busy (as most are), sorry I've been so quiet. New Years Resolution #1 : Blog more. Have to keep my public happy, right?

-Just finished listening to "Promise Me" by Harlen Coben on CD. Books on CD really make the miles fly by while travelling. But anyway, highly recommend listening to or reading this book. It kept us on the edge of our seats for hours.

-I love bowl season.

-I'm loving my new DirectTV install as well. This DVR is amazing. I had wondered how so many people could effectively use DVR when 80% of those same people couldn't set their clock on their VCR. But it's so easy, and takes TV to a new level. Plus, it looks amazing on my new 50" DLP TV.

-Kids these days are brats. I can't stand this "new era" of non-spanking. Everywhere I go lately, kids are running amock and need to be spanked.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Starbucks Guy

Question for all you readers out there: Over the last couple weeks, I've gotten several Starbuck gift cards. And at least twice, it's been said that I "look like a Starbucks guy". So my question is, what makes me look like a Starbucks guy? Jeni said its because I always look tired, I say maybe its because I always look jittery and nervous. Do I always look on edge? Like I've had a little too much coffee? Or maybe I look like one of those metrosexual guys who are sometimes a little too fashionable and well groomed and you always wonder a little about? I certainly hope that's not the reason. Maybe its because I'm a computer guy? Or really intellectual? I'll bet that's it, right?
I have nothing against "Starbucks guys", I guess I'm just a little miffed as to how I came to be known as one. I don't particularly care for coffee, but I do love the smell of it brewing. And I've never been one to turn down a fresh breakfast pastry or cup of hot chocalate, no matter the time of year. I'm just curious as to how I am a Starbucks guy. Thoughts?