Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Football Pick'em

Normally, I post my picks every week on this blog or my one. However, this year, I'm giving you a chance to pick against me on That's right, I'll be running a couple pick'ems for college and NFL and selecting a few games each week for everyone to pick the winners of, either straight up or against the spread. I'm also going to try out a "point spread" game that Craig T told me about and that he has played in the past. You can sign up at the link below:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big 12 Preview

My Big 12 preview has been posted, and if nothing else, you need to read the Oklahoma Sooners bit and check out the pic of Sam Bradford I found.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Woofy Treats

The other day I was at the mall picking up a few things from Sears on my lunch break when I stumbled across vehicle in the below picture. The picture was taken on my camera phone, so it's pretty blurry, but basically, it's a trailer attached to a truck, selling "Frozen Woofys." I can't make this stuff up. That's right, it's an ice cream truck for dogs. And not just with any frozen confections for our dogs, organic treats. Organic. Wow. It would seem we feed better stuff to our dogs that we do ourselves. On the back of the truck, it was advertising that they come in two great flavors that dogs love. What are those, "cat" and "human ankle?" Perhaps, "dirty shoes" or "rotten trash?" Anyway, I thought the Doggy Bistro downtown was bad, frozen organic treats, now, we've really lost it. Leave your suggestion for possible flavors in the comments section.

Pac 10 Preview

My Pac-10 preview has been posted on the RedShirtFootball blog. Enjoy.

Monday, August 10, 2009

You're getting WHAT done?

Last weekend Jeni and I went to the new Academy Sports store in Greenville. They were still having their Grand Opening sale and lots going on to attract customers, from a giant pond outside with hundreds of pounds of catfish for people to catch, mini-golf course, the Clemson fishing team, Reebok, Bridgestone, etc, all on site.
In the golf section, I had a little explaining to do to Jeni for what I got done, as it sounds a little perverted. I got ball fitted. That's right, ball fitted. And it has nothing to do with what size jock strap one needs. It's very similar to being club fitted, except with golf balls instead of clubs. They have all this high tech machinary that takes several pictures as the ball leaves the tee and measures launch angle, back spin, side spin, etc. So, you pick out a club that's similar to yours and take a few swings. He asked me about the shaft on my current driver. In honesty, I won't shell out the dough for a flexible graphite composite whatever shaft, so instead of saying that, I just said that it was stiff. Hey, for my price range, stiff is all they make. So, I had to make do with a Callaway driver that sells for around $300, about what my entire set, plus bag and everything is worth. You first hit with a ball similar to one that you currently use and get measured and then since this was put on by Bridgestone, they pick out a Bridgestone ball that best fits your game, or in my case, lack therefore of. At one point he asked, "Have you had a chance to play much golf this year?" So, after I'd hit a few with the Top Flight, he suggested that I give up golf and try baseball. He hadn't seen me in the batting cages recently. The ball moves in baseball, I need a sport where the ball sits still for me to hit it. So after he picked out a ball for me to use that was 10 inches in diameter.... No, kidding, actually, he picked out a Bridgestone e6+ for me. It is designed to reduce side spin and back spin (both of which I'm really high on) because of it's anti spin inner cover. Surpringinsly, not the most expensive ball they make. After taking some swings with that, it reduced my backspin by 1300 rpm changed my side spin by a factor of 500 rpms. Anyway, golf is just a time killer til football season, which as of today, is only 22 days away and the season tickets came in the mail yesterday. Anyway, I highly recommend Academy Sports, it's like Sports Authority meets Bass Pro Shop and if you get a chance, you should get ball fitted. Just try not to laugh when they ask you how you like your shaft, stiff or flexible.

Big 10 Preview

Below is the link to my Big 10 Preview.

Greenville Drive Home Run

Jeni and I enjoying going down to Fluor Field in historic west end downtown Greenville every once in a while and take in a Greenville Drive baseball game. The Drive are a single A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. It's a nice stadium and they put on a good show for all the fans and the games are always pretty good. A couple weeks ago when we went I was fortunate enough to take the below picture that I really like. I'm sure all your photography majors and critics out there will find tons of fault with my picture taking ability, but I think it is a cool picture. This was actually a home run, so that ball you see streaking off the bat and into left center will eventually clear the fence and bring the Drive to within 3 runs of the lead. Someday I'll blog about how Major League Baseball is too controlling and dictated that Greenville name our team the Drive instead of what the fans wanted, which was a name honoring the baseball tradition of our town.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

ACC Preview

My ACC Preview has been posted on the Redshirt Football blog.

Issam, I think you will be quite pleased with my prediction.

ACC Preview

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big East Preview

Over the next week, I'll be posting my college football conference previews with my predictions for how each BCS conference will shake out on the Red Shirt Football blog. Enjoy.

Big East Preview