Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday Morning Jottings

-Austin is now officially on the DL. We think he'll be able to rejoin the lineup soon, but for now, just has an injured paw and we've scheduled a trip to the vet. He doesn't know that part though, so try to keep that quiet.

-Baxter is back, and he brought friends. Yes, our mouse friend is back once again in the garage and Saturday I saw another one outside. Slightly darker in color, much more rotund than Baxter. Apparantly Baxter is also resilient. He has already eaten an entire container of D-CON mouse poison and chewed all to pieces the sticker and labelling off of the live trap I bought. He's pretty smart for a mouse.

-Our Charlotte office is having problems. Last week, the building flooded. This week, it caught on fire. We are taking bets on what's next, locusts or water turning to blood. My money is on the locusts.

-Jeni and I are currently planning our trip to Colorado Springs, CO that is coming up quickly, anyone have any suggestions of places to eat or things to do?

-I have no idea what I want for my birthday that is quicly approaching as well.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Herm Edwards

Did you hear the quote from Herm Edwards (coach of the Kansas City Chiefs) last week:

"Here's the concern -- in our society now, so many things come up on Web sites and Internet," Edwards said. "First of all, I don't even have the Internet. I wouldn't even know how to use it."
How does he not have the Internet? It's 2007! Doesn't he have a computer in his office with the Internet on it? The Chiefs are a multi-million, possibly billion dollar organization, you mean, they don't have a computer network and computers at all the desks? It just bewilders me that he could not have the Internet. No wonder he sucks as a coach. Where is he getting injury reports, scores, information on other teams? From the paper? From TV? Surely, other coaches are all over and trying to get injury reports and practice reports from other teams, right? I know he's not getting all his information from watching film on players and reading the newspaper everyday, right? Herm, it's 2007, get a computer for crying out loud.
Sure, I wouldn't believe a lot of what you read by all the so called experts, but I'd think there is quite a bit of information out there that Herm and all other NFL coaches could benefit from. Just another example of how expert fantasy football owners should be promoted to coaches.


Well, it has been one heck of a month. I was out of commission for an entire day about a week and a half ago, I got Vertigo so bad I could barely walk. It was certainly not a pleasurably experience. And for an entire week afterwards, I was done for by the time I got home at night and was in bed by 10:30 every night for a week. Of course, that put me way behind at work. That's pretty bad, when you have to work after hours every night just to keep up. Anyway, the drug they gave me for the Vertigo, I thought was a little too conspicuously named. It was called AntiVert. Which sounds like its what you would prescribe for Vertigo, but no other pill I've ever taken has been named with regards to its purpose. Where is AntiFlu or AntiStrep? I haven't seen those on the market anywhere. In fact, I thought one of the requirements of any drug title was to have at least double the amount of consonants as vowels. And it has to end with -ine. Right? For example, Benzistline. I just made that up, but it sounds like something you might be prescribed right? Not AntiVert or NoMorePain. What's next, Cold-B-Gone?
Now, don't get me wrong, AntiVert is a miracle drug. My vertigo was gone in no time. I was even able to go to the Clemson game the next day. To whoever created it, thank you. Awesome drug. Let's just throw some more consonants in that title, and maybe some Latin. I think it makes the doctors feel smarter prescribing it that way.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Picks moved to RedShirt Blog

My weekly picks have been moved to, my other blog. Also, I plan on posting a lot there this season about college football. Check it out.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Phil T's College Football Picks for Week 1

I'm going to try to get Jeni to pick 10 as well so we can see who picks the most right on the season.

VT -27.5 over ECU

Penn State -37 over FAU

Duke +4 over Uconn

West Virginia -23.5 over Western Michigan

Georgia Tech +1 over Notre Dame

Memphis +3 over Mississippi

Wake Forest +5.5 over Boston College

Arizona +3.5 over BYU

Baylor +21 over TCU

Oklahoma State +6.5 over Georgia

That's 10 games for ya, do with them what you want. But I recommend