Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Farm Facts

DISCLAIMER: This email contains facts from the weekend that I learned about farm animals, not intended for younger audiences.

What is a baby horse? For years, I have lived under the impression that a baby horse was a pony. My wife thought ponies stayed ponies. I argued that no, a pony is a baby horse, just as a kitten is a baby cat and a puppy is a baby dog. Much to my dismay, I came home to find out she was right. A baby horse is called a foal. Foal is the generic term for the baby horse regardless of gender, but more specifically, a colt is a baby (young) male horse and a philly is a baby (young) female horse. In fact, they are considered colts or phillies until they are 4 years old. At which point they become a mare (female), stallion (male or alternate term for me), or gelding (male that has been fixed).

So as it turns out, a pony is a pony for life, they don't grow up to be horses afterall.

Also, are roosters busy? Meaning, does a rooster have to 'be' with a chicken in order for an egg to come out. I said no, but there were questions on how his all happened. No, the rooster doesn't go into the hen house every night and come out proud of himself. The eggs just come out naturally. In fact, they are not fertile eggs. The eggs in your fridge would never hatch into an chic (which makes me feel much better about the whole situation), which disappoints the wife as she went on for about 10 minutes about what all she could do if she had several chics milling about the house, at one point, we were even a travelling chic road show every Easter where the chics did various stunts (hey, it's a long drive). But basically if a rooster and hen do get together in marital bliss, only then are the hens eggs fertile and can hatch.

Just thought everyone should know all that, as there was greate debate over it this weekend and its suprising how little we knew about farm life and young animals.

Most wonderful time of the year!

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Aliens are scary

I can't believe I actually beat Craig T to a conservative, politcal news story, but here goes. I hope I make him proud.

Florida Democratic State Senator Frederica Wilson has written and submitted a bill to outlaw the term "illegal alien". Why you ask? Because to her, an alien is someone from "out of space". That's right, little green men. When she hears the term "alien", she thinks sci-fi creatures from outer space. I think Frederica has seen one too many movies. She prefers "immigrant" instead of "alien".

The first thing that irks me about this is that it's her personal opinion. Lately, it seems like we are being submitted to more and more legislation that is geared toward pushing the lawmakers personal agenda. It seems like they have forgotten why they are there, they were voted in to represent their constituents and what they want. Are her constituents offended by the term? What issues to they want her to be working on and solving? My guess is use of the term "illegal alien" is not real high on their list. Listen, just because senator Wilsons mind operates at a 3rd grade level and causes her to think about martians when the term "alien" is used, doesn't mean the rest of us do. It doesn't matter what you think senator Wilson, you were voted on to represent other people, aside from yourself, so do it.

Secondly, she also claimed, "They are immigrants, through no fault of their own, not aliens." Um, I think it is their fault. They came here. We didn't go there. I know we all came from immigrants at some point, who's bringing blame into this? Why is it someone's 'fault'?

Thirdly, she said the first word wasn't as bad as the second and added "'Illegal,' I can live with, but I like 'undocumented' better." Which brings me to my next gripe. They are illegal. I think its important that we remember that. I'm tired of seeing the signs and hearing the protests "We aren't criminals" and "They didn't do anything wrong". Well, nothing besides break the law. If I go on an auto theft spree, am I a criminal? What if I hold up a sign that says "I'm not a criminal". That must make it ok, right? No, you break the law, you are criminal. That's the breaks. I have nothing wrong with immigrants, you can be an immigrant here legally and not break any laws. In which case, we won't call you 'illegal' or a criminal. But the illegal ones, they broke the law, so we are fully justified in using the term illegal and not feeling a bit of guilt about it.

But what can we expect from someone who said it was alright for taxpayers to be cheated out of thousands of dollars because it was not an "egregious" crime. I guess it's ok for me to go around stealing purses and credit cards then, because at least its not egregious.