Friday, November 28, 2008

Fried Foods and Riding a Bike

Recently, I had one of my theories broken. That theory was, if you fried it, I'd eat it. Lots of foods I'll eat fried, but not any other way. For example, pumpkin blossoms, zucchini, squash, etc. And until recently, I hadn't had a fried food I didn't like. That all changed when I bit into what I thought was a fried potato wedge that turned out to be fried pear wedges. That's right, fried pears. And they were not good. I can't really describe the taste, other than to say that it was chewy and thick. It didn't soften up nearly as much as other fried foods. Yuck. There goes that theory.
On the other hand, I proved another oldie but a goodie. I rode a bike for the first time in nearly 15 years and remarkably (despite feeling really weird when I first got on) I still did know how to ride. So things that you don't forget how to do, really is "like riding a bike." However, what I did forget about riding a bike were two things. One, how the gears worked. I never knew whether I wanted to downshift or upshift and I always seemed to go the wrong way with it. I guess this is one of the problems with always being lazy and driving an automatic. Two, how physically exhausting it is, especially over hilly terrain. Several times, I just had to get off the bike and walk it up the hill. We only rode for like 30 minutes, but I felt like I'd just toured France. And in hindsight, riding in jeans and a sweater were probably not the best ideas, but I did sweat off those 5 extra pounds I'd been wanting to lose.
I'm so glad we invented cars, riding a bike is too much work!

Vacation Day 5: Hollywood

Finally, the long awaited final vacation day post. Honestly, there wasn't too much to blog about on the last day. We drove into LA and I 'had the privilege' of driving on the 405 for the second time in my life and was reminded once again that LA traffic sucks. From what Jeni could see of it when her eyes were closed (out of fear, not sleep), she thought it was pretty bad too. We visited the Getty Center briefly and then did some window shopping on Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. Then, walked down Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame. Then, we cruised over to Burbank to attend the taping of a TV Show. We saw them film an episode of "The New Adventures of Old Christine." It was pretty cool to watch a show being filmed, much more interesting than I thought it would be and WB did a good job at trying to entertain the audience during all the downtime. We even got a free snack out of it. If you are going to be in Hollywood, check out, you can get tickets for free and with the exception of game shows, there's no waiting in line for 4 hours and hoping to get in. Jeni was ecstatic that we actually sat beside Julia Louis-Dreyfus' son and his friend and she came over and talked to him at one point, so she was within a couple feet of it. Jeni just sat there speechless and staring, just like she did when Wanda Sikes came over a little while later. Overall, it was a pretty good time.
Day 6, we just cruised around San Diego that morning and then caught a flight back to South Carolina and while the vacation was fun and a good break, it sure is good to be back.
As with the other days, click on the picture below for more pictures from this day.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful day, enjoying one of my favorite holidays as it features the 3 F's prominently. Food, Football, and Family. I don't like how it's now the forgotten holiday with Christmas starting as soon as Halloween is over and leaving Thanksgiving as a prep day for Black Friday. I urge all you readers to stay strong and remember Thanksgiving, don't start celebrating Christmas until after.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vacation: Day 4 Legoland

Day 4 was another long one. We spent the night in Carlsbad, CA so we'd be closer to Legoland and the Wild Animal Park. We started out in the Wild Animal Park since it opened earlier. My immediate thought upon getting there was that "oh no, this map was drawn my the same guy who did the San Diego Zoo map". An hour later, yes, it obviously was as we came across our first illogical section of the map and become completely turned around.
Around that time, we found out Tommy Bowden had been fired as my cell began going off like crazy, so I had to spend a few minutes texting and replying to some emails as the new era of Clemson football began.
Not much to say about the Wild Animal Park as we were basically Zoo'd out after being at the San Diego Zoo the day before. So, at lunch time, we headed over to LegoLand. I realized the night before that I'd wanted to go to LegoLand for probably 20 years. And whereas I hadn't lost any sleep over it, I was glad to finally be on the cusp of walking through those golden Lego gates.
Even though we were too old for almost half the rides, it was still pretty amazing. There were Lego's everywhere. Everything was made out of them. They had replicas of entire cities (Vegas, NYC, DC, etc) all made out of Lego with moving parts. The buildings in downtown NYC were 7-8 feet tall. The race cars on Daytona Motor Speedway raced around the track. There were life-size statues of people. All kinds of cool stuff, all in amazing detail. At the end of the faux factory tour that told about how they create Legos's, there was this giant room with Lego's of every size, shape and color. You could make whatever you wanted and then buy it, and as it turns out, there are a lot of lego's per ounce thankfully and I didn't gasp at the price too badly when they ran mine up.
Aside from all that fun, I got to have a torta to eat for the second straight day (one of the joys of being so close to Mexico).
I also came up with a new theory about restaurants. People like Jeni and I (and probably all my readers) need to stick to restaurants with just a first name in the title as opposed to someone's full name. For example, we walked away from the "Anthony James Grill" and had a great dinner at "Tommy's". Skip the "Rick Erwins" and "Sam Snead's" of the world and stick with the "Mac's Drive-In" and "Bucky's type of joint. You'll won't leave hungry and poor like you will at those other guys.
As before, below is a picture from that day, click on it for more.