Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween.

Our little angel and devil wish you Happy Halloween as well.

Vacation: Day 3

On day 3, we visited the famous San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park area. We also shopped until we dropped (literally) at Seaport Village.
The San Diego Zoo was very, very large. What bothered me about it was that the map was obviously not drawn by a engineer. I'm normally very good at finding myself on the map and navigating around. But not this map, this map showed roads connecting that ended up running parallel to each other. We didn't stick around for any of the shows, however, I did get Jeni to ride in the sky tram from one end of the park to the other. It was one of those things that sounded like a better idea on the ground than up in the air.
Practically all of the San Diego museums are located in Balboa Park, including the Zoo on one end of it. So we walked around in it some (as if we hadn't walked enough) and saw the San Diego Model Railroad Musuem and the Museum of Photographic Arts. The Photographic Arts museum was not much. In fact, we took more pictures on our trip that what were in the musuem if that gives you any idea how small the 'museum' was. However, at the Model Railroad museum, I found the job I would like to retire into. I can imagine that model train derailment is a lot less stressful than a server crash, and I would gladly walk around pressing green buttons to keep the trains running and talking to tourists about the terrain they are viewing.
We then went to Seaport Village, which for all my South Carolina readers, is the 'Broadway at the Beach' of San Diego. Picked up a couple souveniers and shopped until we could no longer consider taking another step.
Below is a picture of the zoo, like the last post, click on the picture for more photos from that day.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mad Skill

This amazes me. I'm not convinced he's actually playing that, but if he is, that's pretty amazing. I love a good wock and woll beat.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Vacation: Days 1 and 2

This year for our big vacation, Jeni and I chose sunny San Diego, with a day trip planned to LA.

The first day was mostly a travel day stopped by the WallyWorld and pick up some essentials and get our bearings. We went downtown and shopped around in their historic gas lamp district. We were not that impressed. It was basically just block after block of restaurants, which is fine, we just weren't hungry.

The second day we started out by going down to Little Italy for their Saturday Farmers Market and to explore the Little Italy area. It was pretty cool. We ate at a restaurant called Filippe's Pizza Grotto. Great food, the smell of various, fresh cheeses in the air, abysmal service. They did however have ample wait staff, too many wait staff in wait. It was great opportunity for me to teach Jeni some of what I've been learning in my MBA classes as we discussed the Principle of Diminishing Returns and as she had to go ask our waitress if she was ever going to wait on us. She said no, but that's a different story.
We were then supposed to go snorkeling (something neither of us had ever done) in the La Jolla Cove and caves, but when we got there, they said there was a small craft alert and it was too windy and zero visibility underwater. So, no snorkeling for us. We instead watched a little football back at the hotel and went up to the top of Mount Soledad. It was a really neat view from up there as you could see all of metro San Diego. The unique thing about Mount Soledad is that it's a war memorial, but not just to those to died in battle, in honors those who came back as well.

Then off to Sunset Cliffs for, what else, the sunset. It was just like you see in the movies, with the ocean ending at a wall of rock and cliff.

A couple more quick notes and some pics and I'll continue describing the rest of the vacation in the next couple days.

-I really like Charger and Padre gear. I'm not really a fan of either team, but I don't have anything against either one and I thought they do a do job at being creative with their logo and having a couple different color schemes for each team that mix things up a bit.

-The city was laid out very well. Despite how spread out everything was and how open the area felt, it still didn't take long to get anywhere and the drivers are much better than drivers in other comparatively sized cities. They change lanes a lot, but it's manageable.

Below is a picture from Sunset Cliffs. Click on the picture for more pics from days 1 and 2.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

World Series Prediction

Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 6.

Here's why:
-They finished their series later, seems to be an advantage lately.
-Evan Longoria : Although the odds of Evan being a Devil Ray in two years is about the same as the odds of me playing for the Rays in two years.
-The underdog effect, everyone counting them out should motivate them even more.
-I like the way Tampa plays, reminds me of the Marlins teams that won.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When I'm president: DVR for the radio

We are approaching our 1 year anniversary of having DVR (Tivo as it's sometimes called). I have to say, it's certainly changed my outlook on TV. I find it difficult to watch live TV now, if Jeni and I catch ourselves doing it, we will even go so far as to pause it and talk about our days for bit so that we are behind enough to skip the commercials. Watching commercials at this point seems so ... 2007. I even find that I have trouble paying full attention when watching TV at someone else's house where I can rewind on demand, which brings me to my main point. I've probably always had this problem and DVR has just spoiled me into noticing it. But I seriously need DVR for my car radio. I'm driving along and get to thinking about other things (like paying attention to the road) and totally miss something someone says. And there's no going back. I almost always have to go to when I get to work or when I get home to get the other half of the story that I missed. When is this being invented?

When I'm president... I promise to invest some of your tax dollars into researching and developing DVR for the radio. It's 2008, it should be possible. I'm sure it will stimulate the economy just as much as the bailout plan. Trust me, I took an economics class in high school.